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About Neven / Our Story

What is NEVEN Eyewear?

NEVEN is short for “Never Odd Or Even”, also a Palindrome - meaning - reads the same backwards or forward. A reflection of equality and Quality Guaranteed! No matter which way you look at it, NEVEN Eyewear is upping the game when it comes to quality, price and customer satisfaction.

To us, NEVEN means

Everlasting, just like Our Promise. Seriously no questions asked, NEVEN Eyewear will replace your sunglasses. Now - that’s putting our money where our mouth is!

NEVEN’s ancient meaning is - a good leader with huge potential for achievement and a strong desire for freedom to do what they want. NEVEN is always adhering to the concept of being #1, the best.

The Three Tildes

The Three Tildes stand for Air, Land and Sea. NEVEN Eyewear will take you where ever you need to go, however you’re going to get there - no destination is too far. Equip yourself for all of life’s extraordinary adventures with stylish and functional eyewear that will protect your eyes while elevating your image for all of life’s experiences.

The Story of NEVEN

Khoi and Jon - the co-Founders, children of the 80s and the driving force behind NEVEN Eyewear - set out to curate and source the very best of on trend products and resources - so that they could create Eyewear that is stylish, functional, of great value, and superior to anything else on the market with an Everlasting Guarantee that allows them to stand behind their product 100%.

Everlast Guarantee

A quality solid pair of polarized sunglasses should not need to break the bank. At NEVEN Eyewear - our mission is to bring you - our customer - the best caliber of lenses, frames, hinges and polarization out there, trust us, we checked out the competition. We are proud to introduce NEVEN - a brand that is committed to gaining our customers' trust and loyalty for life.

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