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What are Blue Light Glasses and do they Actually Work?

What are Blue Light Glasses and do they Actually Work?
Are you spending more time looking at computers and digital screens than ever before? You’re not alone. Research shows that we now spend half of our lives looking at different screens, and this can be even higher if you work in an office or at home on your laptop. Unsurprisingly, this can put a great deal of strain on our eyes, which has seen a growing number of people turn their attention to blue light glasses.

But what exactly are they and do they actually make a difference to your life? Here’s all you need to know.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that travels in very short, high energy waves. In fact, it has only slightly less energy than UV light and has subsequently been linked (albeit unverified) with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Even if it doesn’t cause AMD, many experts state that long-term exposure to the blue light from backlit LED devices causes the user to blink less often, which leads to dry eyes. Other common side effects include headaches, regular squinting, and tiredness. It can also impact the circadian rhythm, meaning disrupted sleep patterns.

In short, the evidence that blue light will cause blindness or other major problems is limited. However, the long-term exposure to short wave energy will cause discomfort and can contribute to long-term eye health issues - not least because disrupted circadian rhythm reduces your natural melatonin production - as well as accelerated aging of the skin in this area.

Introducing Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are essentially like any other form of eyeglasses, except they are fitted with special lenses that filter out certain blue light waves. As well as blue light from backlit LED screens, they also filter out the blue light waves that are emitted from the sun - which are far greater, but naturally travel a far, far greater distance.

The blue light glasses can be made as prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses designed solely for screen time. They can also be designed as sunglasses and work with a wide range of frames and sizes.

While there are many questions that you may wish to ask before wearing blue light glasses, the main one is whether they work. As long as they are fitted with high quality blue light lenses, the glasses will block blue light from your screens. While it may not necessarily stop damage to your retina, it should help combat eye strain, dry eyes, and other side effects that stem from long-term screen exposure.

A host of additional steps can be used to protect the eyes, such as regular screen breaks and the use of eye drops to prevent or treat dry eyes. Eye exercises and time spent focusing at items at a distance can support eye health too.

While a few minutes of looking at your screens won’t pose much of a problem, spending hours in front of a computer is something that needs attention. Most blue light glasses users will, therefore, only wear them during work hours. Others may wear them before bed to avoid disrupted sleep patterns.

To find out more about blue light glasses and order a pair today, get in touch with our friendly experts.

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