What Are TAC Lenses?

  • 1 min read

TAC lenses are a form of polarized lenses that help to reduce the sun’s glare. Polarized lightrefers to light that is focused in one direction. Light is usually scattered until it hits a flat surface, when it bounces off and then becomes focused, or polarized. This form of light can cause a glare that is blocked by TAC lenses.

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

Polarized lenses block out the sun’s glare through the help of a filter. The filter applied is in a vertical direction, while sun glare usually hits your eye in a horizontal direction. The filter helps to block the effect of glare, improving visibility for activities like fishing or driving.

How Are TAC Lenses Made?

So TAC lenses are made of triacetate cellulose. They are created in seven different layers, which fulfill the following key tasks in blocking out sunlight:


  • The first layer absorbs 100% of the glare
  • The second and third layers provide durability and impact-resistance
  • The fourth and fifth layers absorb harmful UV rays
  • The final two layers help with shock resistance


This layering system helps create a durable and affordable set of polarized lenses to make your summer more stylish and safe. The double UV layer makes them perfect for driving, exercising or just having fun in the sun.


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